The Pile on the Table

If you do things last minute like I do most of the time, you know how it feels to be running through security checks and from one terminal to another to catch a flight or train. It's happened way too many times and it's a habit I can't quite shake off. Right before a trip,... Continue Reading →


Hopping Around From Athens to the Greek Islands

After two weeks of beach living in sunny Greece, there was only one thing I desperately needed once I got home: sleep. With hundreds of islands, Greece has plenty to offer, whether you're looking for a relaxing time away with your significant other, a week of partying with friends, or hopping around the islands by... Continue Reading →

World Ski and Snowboard Festival – Whistler 2017

The first time in Whistler, about three years ago, I saw a not so good winter. Mild temperatures and no snow made for a green base of the mountain with some hard packed snow at the top. It wasn't too memorable. Now fast forward to 2017 and 10 ft of snow in March! Mix in... Continue Reading →



After a few severely overpriced airport brews, it was time to board a flight from Toronto to Van City. The #BCsquad was going roadtrippin'. My two buddies Nebojsa and Godwin, have done the drive before, so I let them plan the itinerary. We get upĀ at 6 a.m. to beat traffic at the border and be... Continue Reading →


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