Do Bucharest Like a Local

What and where in Bucharest. Places to go and things to do. All from a local's perspective.


The Pile on the Table

If you do things last minute like I do most of the time, you know how it feels to be running through security checks and from one terminal to another to catch a flight or train. It's happened way too many times and it's a habit I can't quite shake off. Right before a trip,... Continue Reading →


After a few severely overpriced airport brews, it was time to board a flight from Toronto to Van City. The #BCsquad was going roadtrippin'. My two buddies Nebojsa and Godwin, have done the drive before, so I let them plan the itinerary. We get upĀ at 6 a.m. to beat traffic at the border and be... Continue Reading →

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